1884年由罗素·康威尔创建的一所夜校, PG电子试玩平台 has evolved into an international powerhouse in higher education 和 a top research institution with roughly 33,000年本科, 研究生和专业学生.

费城的公立大学,坦普尔提供 无与伦比的价值 to families in the region 和 serves as an essential resource to the surrounding community.

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Temple offers students a dynamic 和 nurturing learning environment with the support of a renowned faculty, 专门的学术顾问专注于设置 通往毕业的清晰道路 和广泛的课程 600多个学术项目. 专业教育的长期领导者, Temple is also among the nation’s largest educators in the combined fields of dentistry, 法律, 医学, 药房和足部.

Temple also offers a gateway to the world with long-st和ing international campuses in 东京 和 罗马 和 六大洲的留学机会.

坦普尔的校友是 产生影响一个行业一个行业. 坦普尔大学有360多所学校,000 graduates around the globe who stay connected 和 invested in the university 和 provide mentorship 和 professional development opportunities to aspiring changemakers in their respective fields.

Temple 体育运动 provides opportunities for its diverse student-athletes to unlock 和 maximize their potential, 无论是场内还是场外. 不管你是在看篮球赛 Liacouas中心 或者一场足球比赛 林肯金融领域,我们所有的 体育团队 会让你为自己是一名圣殿猫头鹰而自豪吗.

PG电子试玩平台APP熙熙攘攘的 主校区 以费城的天际线为背景. 绿色空间和兼收并蓄的建筑从历史 邓波儿演艺中心最先进的查尔斯图书馆 form a vibrant residential setting that our students 和 the surrounding community are proud to call home. 

学习和研究设施——来自 科教研究中心体育产业研究中心 我们的前沿 生物工程实验室泰勒艺术与建筑学院的创意空间-提升教育经验,激发创新意念. 

我们的其他校区也有特殊的设施,如 Ambler植物园,使学生能够将他们的教育提升到一个新的水平.

在PG电子试玩平台,学生们从 尊敬的老师们 谁能带来丰富的现实经验, 把研究成果和对自己手艺的热情带到课堂上. 师生比例是12:1, 你的教授所做的远不止传达主题材料. 你会被引导, mentored 和 encouraged as you join the next generation of Owls changing the world in your field.

大学领导PG电子试玩平台生活不可或缺的一部分吗. PG电子试玩平台APP的总统 is the public face of the university 和 is responsible for supporting 和 managing all of its academic, 行政及财务运作. 与总统一起工作的 校董会 坦普尔的管理机构是什么, responsible for the educational mission 和 fiscal policies of the university. The trustees also are responsible for electing the university president, adopting an annual plan of financial operation 和 establishing degrees to be awarded.

我们的师资力量 费城 to provide real-world experiences that enhance 和 enrich the academic experience. 学生 access the city for both the professional 和 social opportunities it affords. 无论你是在中城实习, 让自己沉浸在老城的历史中, cheering on your favorite sports team at the 费城 Sports Complex or visiting an exhibit at the 费城 Museum of Art—your life at Temple extends far beyond the walls of campus. 

Investments in the campus learning environment have elevated the university’s capabilities across its 17 schools 和 colleges with impressive results. 2015年,邓波儿实现了 1卡内基高等教育机构分类法, placing it among the most active research 大学 in the nation. 邓波儿最近也庆祝了几个里程碑, 包括罗德学者, 戈德华特学者, 以及它最大最聪明的毕业班.

PG电子试玩平台, 我们33,000+ students come together with a shared mission: to become the best versions of themselves. 你在PG电子试玩平台的生活不仅仅是上课. 你是否沉浸在 艺术与文化, 体育活动, 社区服务机会, or 学生俱乐部, you’ll make lasting friendships 和 memories that will shape your future. 



  • 提供一个优秀的访问, 负担得起的高等教育为学生的职业生涯做准备, 继续学习,积极做公民.
  • Creating a collaborative community of outst和ing faculty 和 staff who foster inclusion 和 encourage the aspirations of Temple students.
  • 促进整个费城的服务和参与, 宾夕法尼亚州联邦, 国家和世界.


PG电子试玩平台APP的健康 is a major 费城-based academic health system that is driving medical advances through clinical innovation, 开创性的研究和世界一流的教育. 卫生系统是1,550+ physicians 和 scientists share a common mission of bringing tomorrow’s treatments to the bedside today, 帮助他们实现曾经被认为不可能实现的目标.

阅读更多关于医生的信息, researchers 和 other medical professionals who are making groundbreaking discoveries 和 advancing our community.